Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Trip

London was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!

The car trip was 7 hours long ther and six and a half back.
It was long but we surrvived. First day we checked out my Auntie and Uncle's Super epic house. Its got three acers of land and that includes a tennis court.
Second day we went to paultons park based on the reasons that there is a pepa pig land nd my near 3 year old cousin wanted to go. But it was still fun.
My new baby cousin was insanely cute, His name is Innes and we all love him to bits.
Last day we went shopping in town and it was very entertaing.

I had so much fun down there the house was huge and was pretty as can be. We went past these really cool house and I loved the way they look all old fashioned and posh.
I felt out of place.
I realised that i wanted to do more travelling, discover new and far off places, take pictures, write songs, eat food, drink wine, see places, meet new people. Live

That Girl

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