Monday, 26 September 2011


School is......
Good to see friends

School are all of these things. For everyone, even if they don't admit it.All schools are like this but especailly.
High school. Six years of these feelings repeated and repeated and repeated.FUN. but its not all that bad, friends make it better, boyfriends mke it better, girlfriends make it better, even some teachers mke it better.
But today I remembered not everybody has a great foudation like me, like my friends. For some people school is a place to hide. For some people school is hell. But for all people school is where we grow, from teenagers to young adults.And that these emotions there important it shows that we're human.
We're not perfect but we're good
I'm good. for the now

Yours sincerley
That Girl

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

London Trip

London was AMAZING !!!!!!!!!

The car trip was 7 hours long ther and six and a half back.
It was long but we surrvived. First day we checked out my Auntie and Uncle's Super epic house. Its got three acers of land and that includes a tennis court.
Second day we went to paultons park based on the reasons that there is a pepa pig land nd my near 3 year old cousin wanted to go. But it was still fun.
My new baby cousin was insanely cute, His name is Innes and we all love him to bits.
Last day we went shopping in town and it was very entertaing.

I had so much fun down there the house was huge and was pretty as can be. We went past these really cool house and I loved the way they look all old fashioned and posh.
I felt out of place.
I realised that i wanted to do more travelling, discover new and far off places, take pictures, write songs, eat food, drink wine, see places, meet new people. Live

That Girl

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Traveling time


One of my most favourite places to be. So much to see and places to go. Like, Big Ben , London bridge, Parliment , musems , Culture, Art.
It gives of one of the best vibes of anywhere iv'e ever been and I'd love to live there.
London's just so big unlike the place I live. Im  not saying theres anything wrong with the place i live I mean its small but its home. But I wouldn't stay here forever, No, Certinly not. The world is so big and theres so many things to see and do and learn.
I dream of traveling the world and seeing everything with not a care in my mind.

Tomorrow I'm going down to London so i myforget to post or not have time but I probarly will

Thanks for listening to me blabber


That Girl

Wednesday, 14 September 2011



That is how you spell it ?

Titles are incredibly important.
There are the titles that give way to much like:
"Man who was very old died today"
It gives away too much it does wnt to make me keep on turning the page and ready every little detail in the report

Or theres titles that don't give away enough see here:
What ?
What ?!

But then theres the titles that give away just the right amount :
Oooo running?, Runniong from what , police, family , friends ?
Springs qeustions doesn't it ?. So I hope that this blog has a titles tht is in the third category. We'll get to the getting to know me stuff later. Myster allows imagination to run free.
Yours sincerly
That girl